Football: on the side of Asfac or FC Sète, it will take some seriousness in the Coupe de France

Both clubs know their opponents for the next round, scheduled for October 16 and 17.

The draw for the fifth round of the Coupe de France took place this Wednesday, October 6 and fate continues to smile on the Muscatiers. Despite the brilliance always possible in the Cup, we can not say that the opponents proposed so far to Asfac have seemed insurmountable. Playing a D5, D1, R3 or an R2 seems more affordable than a National club.

Luck is part of the game

But you have to come to terms with it: a long Cup race is also a bit of luck. Asfac will therefore play an R2 at home, it is Sporting Perpignan Nord who will visit Frontignan. A formation which, by losing a match on the green carpet at the very end of the season, was refused accession to the R1 (2019). We must therefore be wary and be serious.

As for FC Sète, whose entry into competition is, the trip to Saint-Estève will not be easy. The Union-Saint-Estève-Espoir-Perpignan-Méditerranée-Métropole (that the last closes the door) announced it in the offseason, it aims to climb to N3. Quality recruitment proves it, Nicolas Guibal’s men will have a lot to respond to.

October 16 and 17:
Asfac (R1) / SP. Perpignan North (R2),
Saint-Estève PM (R1) / FC Sète (N1).

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