Football: LS leaves the Super League on a good slap


Widely beaten in Saint-Gall (0-4), the Vaudois have once again demonstrated that their place was indeed at the lower level.

The Lausanne residents did not know how to show success against Saint-Gall.

The Lausanne residents did not know how to show success against Saint-Gall.

Andy Mueller/freshfocus

Lausanne-Sport has finished its pensum as it had started. Beaten by Saint-Gall in the first match of the season, he lost on Sunday, during the last round, against the same opponent. For a 22nd defeat in 36 outings which made the Vaudois, from the bottom of their 22 points, the worst relegated in the history of the Super League, tied with FC Vaduz in the 2008-2009 financial year.

For its last meeting in the elite for at least a year, LS did not deserve the severe correction it suffered at Kybunpark. If the victory of Saint-Gallen suffers no discussion, the Vaudois have long been on an equal footing with their opponents. After conceding the opener from Duah, very well served in depth by von Moos (23rd), they had the merit of trying to pick up.

They even thought for a moment that they had succeeded when a superb opening in the axis of Coyle was perfectly concluded by Mahou (50th). Unfortunately for LS, the VAR intervened to signal an unclear prior foul by the Englishman on von Moos.

In the aftermath, Saint-Gall and his duo von Moos-Duah took advantage of Lausanne’s usual defensive wanderings to take off and inflict on the relegated one of their heaviest defeats of the season.

What to show for the umpteenth time, if necessary, that the place of Lausanne-Sport is indeed at the lower level.

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