Football / Ligue 2 Antony Robic back in Ligue 2, Rémi Walter represents Nancy in MLS, a transfer to 5 million euros… Behind the scenes of the match AS Nancy Lorraine – Valenciennes

Rémi Walter’s debut with Kansas City

Rémi Walter, the kid from Tomblaine born in Essey-lès-Nancy, left ASNL in 2016 but he remains very attached to his city and to his training club. The former midfielder of the France Espoirs team began, in recent days, his new adventure in MLS, with his Kansas City club, wearing a flocked jersey of the number 54. Nice wink! On July 5, Rémi Walter and Kansas City will cross paths with Los Angeles Galaxy, the new team of now ex-Nancyian Sega Coulibaly.

Jackpot for the people of Valencia with Kévin Cabral

The Valenciennes club, like Nancy, has just let go of one of their own to Los Angeles Galaxy, in this case the young striker Kévin Cabral. But unlike Sega Coulibaly who was coming to the end of his contract at ASNL, Kévin Cabral, meanwhile, was still linked to the VAFC which recovered 5 million euros in transfer fees in the transaction.

It gets hot between the club and the town hall

Relations remain extremely tense between the mayor of Valenciennes Laurent Degallaix and the president of the VAFC Eddy Zdziech. The proof with the recent declarations made by the Valenciennes mayor: « If he (Eddy Zdziech) wants to go straight into the wall by honking, I don’t have the power to prevent him. […] I understand the impatience of the supporters […] We have stagnated in the soft underbelly of Ligue 2 for years […] But we are no longer at the time of Jean-Louis Borloo when the club depended largely on subsidies from the city, I do not have the capacity to intervene ”. Hello the atmosphere …

Hello, there is Antony Robic again

Nancy supporters will have the pleasure of seeing Antony Robic again in Ligue 2 next season. The former ASNL striker has made a major contribution this year to the comeback of Sporting Club de Bastia, scoring 8 goals and delivering as many assists. Great stats for the endearing Antony Robic, now 35.

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