Football/Ligue 1. Racing in the clan of seven

In France, since this Sunday, Racing has been walking alone. Ajaccio, the last companion in misfortune to run behind a success, was finally able to raise its arms thanks to the goal of the ex-Stéphanois Romain Hamouma in Brest (0-1).

Outside France, six other teams are experiencing the same fate as the Strasbourg club and are under great pressure.

. Some, like Stuttgart or Leicester, did not expect it. Trainers are already installed on an ejection seat. Everywhere, we are looking for the miracle solution to break the black series.

4It is the fourth time in its history that Racing has not won any of its first 8 matches in Ligue 1 after 1951-1952, 2004-2005 and 2005-2006. He was ultimately relegated two out of three times, finishing 18th respectively. e11 eand 19e .


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