Football Ligue 1 – Pierre Ménès in shock, Aulas sickened him

Sunday evening, Jean-Michel Aulas multiplied the interviews to defend OL, Pierre Ménès did not like.

At the microphone of Prime Video, the boss of Olympique Lyonnais notably judged « incomprehensible » the decision of Ruddy Buquet, who definitively stopped the game after nearly two hours of endless waiting. This Monday, the controversies fuse and Jean-Michel Aulas finds himself under fire from critics. After suffering the wrath of Daniel Riolo on the RMC antenna, the president of OM was scratched by Pierre Ménès. On his Pierrot le Foot site, the former Canal + consultant said to himself « Shocked » by the remarks made by Jean-Michel Aulas Sunday evening.

“Whether in the gestures of course, but also verbally. The insults to which Payet has been subjected are shocking. Also shocking, the intervention of Jean-Michel Aulas, who does not understand that the match has not resumed. But let’s reverse the point of view: let’s imagine that it was Paqueta who had a drink on the face at the Vélodrome! Obviously, his speech would have been totally different. And that’s the most unbearable thing: that everyone thinks only of their face, their club, their points ” launched Pierre Ménès, revolted against the position of Jean-Michel Aulas.

The LFP not severe enough after Nice-OM?

The journalist also attacked the LFP, not severe enough after the incidents of the match between Nice and OM according to him. This has caused new outbursts in Ligue 1 over the past three months and this new aggression of a player by a supporter Sunday in Lyon. “The problem is that the League was at fault from the Nice-Marseille incidents, with this match to be replayed and the penalty point for the Gym. The match should have been given won at OM and Nice should have been given five games behind closed doors. By dint of not having balls, we come to situations where assholes think they are allowed anything ” railed Pierre Ménès, who this time hopes that the sanctions will be equal to the incidents. The disciplinary committee of the LFP meets as of this Monday in urgency to take first measures before a probable putting in instruction of the file.

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