Football Ligue 1 – Ligue 1 on television, this truth can no longer be hidden!

By dint of playing with viewers, the French Ligue 1 championship is about to lose everything. Audiences are collapsing this year despite spectacular matches. Whose fault is it ?

By choosing to entrust the broadcasting of 80% of the matches of the Ligue 1 championship to Prime Video, the Professional Football League made a choice that surprised everyone, the body headed by Vincent Labrune turning its back on Canal + for a few million euros per season. The choice of the LFP for the Ligue 1 championship forced football fans on television to add a new operator and therefore a new subscription with rising prices. At the same time, and after having cracked by claiming that Ligue 1 on Canal + was over, the Bolloré group channel was forced to broadcast the match on Saturday evening, and that on Sunday at the end of the afternoon. And it is not the signing of Lionel Messi at PSG and the show of OM version Sampaoli that calmed the resentment.

If the Ligue 1 Uber Eats clubs were delighted to finally be able to count on a broadcaster for which they are certain that he will pay the rights, unlike Mediapro which had dropped the French Football Championship without paying the bill, they must now assume a drastic drop in audiences. Even if sportingly the 2021-2022 season is spectacular, there are fewer people to see it on television. If Amazon hides its audiences, Le Point already affirms that the record is disastrous and that the French Ligue 1 championship is no longer the number 1 sport on television.

In the weekly, Florent Barraco makes a catastrophic inventory for the visibility of the Ligue 1 championship.  » Annoyed at having been dismissed, Canal + exiled its two games on C + offset and on C + Sport. The figures are staggering: even the shocks are beaten in terms of audience by Formula 1, rugby and sometimes motorcycle GP! The American giant has not communicated its audience figures, even for the Sunday evening meeting (the spearhead of the day for L1). This silence leaves little doubt about the success of the retransmission of the competition – as a reminder, already broadcaster of Roland-Garros, Amazon had only gathered a maximum of 100,000 viewers. », Recalls the journalist from Le Point.

Ligue 1’s nemesis hacking on television, the numbers are crazy!

If on the side of the LFP and Ligue 1 clubs, we refuse to communicate on this subject, the money that goes into the coffers sufficient for the happiness of everyone, within the broadcasters it could quickly cough. Because if for the moment, piracy is the main target of the channels which broadcast football, there will be a moment when the balance of all this will be called into question. « The whole industry is asleep. She refuses to confront the elephant standing in the room in front of us: hacking “, Launched a few weeks ago the boss of BeInSports, even though we are talking about nearly 4 million viewers subscribing to illegal services to follow sport on television.

For football fans, things are simple, watching Ligue 1 is too expensive and the multiplication of broadcasters does not help. So, there is still the idea emitted by Jean-Michel Aulas of a football Spotify, but this suggestion of the president of Olympique Lyonnais had remained unanswered.  » We realize that a supporter of Marseille would eventually like to acquire the rights of his favorite team in all competitions. Today, if he wants to have access to his favorite team, he must acquire the rights of all the teams in the French Championship, and then if Marseille plays in the European Cup, as is the case this year, all European rights. There was this desire to try to think about how the user can find what he wants at a cost acceptable to the greatest number and which allows him to build loyalty. I think that today we are not in that solution », Jean-Michel Aulas pointed out in front of the deputies last July.

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