Football Ligue 1 – L1: 600 million in the coffers, French football is jubilant


According to information from RMC, the LFP will recover 600 million euros in July thanks to the deal concluded with CVC Capital Partners.

After the crisis, fresh money and future prospects for French football. According to information obtained by RMC, the deal between the LFP and CVC Capital Partners is being finalized and will allow French football to recover 1.5 billion euros by selling 13% of its commercial subsidiary. The deal with the Luxembourg fund provides for the payment of this sum in three instalments over three years: 40% the first year, 30% the second and 30% the third. In July, the LFP will therefore recover the sum in cash of 600 million euros which will now have to be distributed between the clubs. Aware of its central place in the commercial project of the League, the PSG claims 30% of the sum or approximately 180 million euros this summer.

Money for the clubs, a distribution to be defined

On this subject, an agreement between the presidents of the Ligue 1 clubs is hoped for by the end of the week. Noël Le Graët and a group of club presidents will meet with CVC leaders in the coming days. Subsequently, the scheme for distributing the money between the clubs will be decided and all that will be left is to sign the legal document. “The CVC team working on the Ligue 1 project will be 100% French, based in the Paris premises of the Avenue de l’Opéra fund. CVC, which has been used to the French market for more than 30 years, has taken all its precautions to prevent a conflict of interest situation” adds RMC while as a reminder, CVC has also invested in La Liga by buying 10% of the Spanish League for 2 billion euros.


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