Football Ligue 1 – French football is a hit in Europe!

Due to the number of exclusions, the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 championships stand out compared to other European competitions. The statistics are significant and the players are complaining more and more. Hence the initiative of the technical director of arbitration Pascal Garibian.

As impressive as the slaughter in the France team, the number of red cards issued by the tricolor referees continues to climb. There are three new exclusions in Ligue 1 after the 8th day which has just taken place. In total, the referees of the French elite have already expelled players 34 times this season! And the number reached the bar of 45 sanctions in Ligue 2. We are far, very far from the figures observed abroad. Admittedly, the Premier League is a somewhat special championship where excessive aggressiveness is not always punished. But still…

The PL has only 4 red cards this season, while the Bundesliga teams received 12. Note that Serie A totals 15, five less than La Liga (20). We can say that French football stands out. It is nevertheless necessary to qualify these statistics insofar as our championships are more advanced. Ligue 1 already has 80 games, compared to 89 for Ligue 2. While the Bundesliga (63), which has only 18 teams, La Liga (60) or the Premier League (67), interrupted following the death of the Queen Elizabeth II, have played fewer matches.

L1 coaches invited by the DTA

This is why the average number of red cards per game in Ligue 1 (0.42) is not so far from those in Spain (0.32) or Serie A (0.20). France is still the champion of exclusion, but also of disputes from players, coaches and managers after the matches. A climate of tension has developed between them and the referees. Technical director of refereeing Pascal Garibian therefore invited all Ligue 1 coaches to visit the VAR viewing center on Tuesday. Some technicians did not come. But at least the boss of the referees tried a reconciliation to perhaps avoid all these sanctions in the future.

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