Football Ligue 1 – Canal +: Laurent Paganelli, the « great jugador » censored

A man in the field much appreciated by viewers, players and managers for his legendary tirades, Laurent Paganelli is no longer free in his actions around the lawns of Ligue 1.

Maxime Saada may have said all the bad things he thought of the leaders of Ligue 1, who chose to sell 80% of the TV rights of our French Championship to Amazon, Canal + still broadcasts two matches a day. And very often, the encrypted channel entrusts Laurent Paganelli with being the man on the ground on the big posters, the former player having become a master in the field. Serious without taking himself seriously, Paga has the art of inviting himself into the post-match with questions that have sometimes become legendary. Nobody has forgotten the interview with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in 2016 in Troyes in an English that the striker did not understand or that of Mario Balotelli when the Italian striker was having a massage in the locker room. Also unforgettable « great jugador » launched at Neymar on a match night at the Parc des Princes. But all this risks having to be combined with the past.

The LFP no longer wants the Paganelli show in Ligue 1

Not that Canal+ plans to separate from its favorite man in the field, but it is rather on the side of the Professional Football League that we decided to tighten the screw on the one who joined the Canal Football Club team. Now a member of the big football meeting of the encrypted channel, Laurent Paganelli has seen his freedom of movement very clearly reduced at the request of football bosses.  » Paganelli no longer moves, parked in a fixed area under the gaze of stadium agents. We talk about the Covid, security, tension… Bla-bla-bla (…) Ligue 1 does not shine with its “fan experience”: no microphone on the referees, no interview in the locker room, no behind the scenes . The spectator is invited to watch the match, and that’s all (…) If the Professional Football League wants its championship to cover colors – media coverage being in free fall -, it must find characters – big mouths or clown – who promote football. Ligue 1 needs it “, notes, with desolation, Florent Barraco, journalist of the Point.

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