Football Ligue 1 – ASSE-OL: Daniel Riolo knows why Lyon did not win

If the Greens are always last in Ligue 1, they avoided the worst with a defeat in the derby which would certainly have sealed the future of Claude Puel.

AS Saint-Etienne went for the draw on a last-minute penalty in a match that OL had for a long time in hand. Without being able to control the tempo of the meeting, the Lyonnais exposed themselves, finally finding themselves outnumbered after the logical red card from Anthony Lopes. The Franco-Portuguese goalkeeper came out of his area to get his hands on some hot action. Without lecturing the OL goalkeeper in morality, Daniel Riolo believes that this scenario represents the madness of the derby between the two teams.

OL must beat ASSE 9 times out of 10

 » Normally, the difference is such between the two teams that Lyon should win systematically, with its level of play, its individual qualities and inevitably a motivation and a concentration which are at the maximum. But the derby puts such pressure on the players that it can be a disservice to those who are particularly involved. “I’ll give an example, I follow the Rome derby a lot. When the match came, Daniele De Rossi was not feeling very well. For me he was doing too much, he was putting too much pressure on himself and that affected his performance. Today, OL must win the derby 9 times out of 10 compared to the difference in level. That the supporters live the derby thoroughly I understand, it’s structural. But if the players put too much pressure on each other and there is a superiority complex, it can affect performance. Sometimes when you are a player, you have to know how to lower the pressure. Anthony Lopes, who has been living in derbies since he was a child, should perhaps also ease the pressure to improve his performance “, Confided the consultant of RMC on OL TV.

An axis of improvement to come for the Lyonnais, who had to win this match to justify the superiority in the standings over their neighbor. In the meantime, OL have lost two precious points, and even if this made the Lyonnais smile a lot and in particular Sidney Govou, ASSE celebrated this derby as a victory, so as not to spend several months brooding over a defeat at home before the return leg.

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