Football Ligue 1 – Aggression of Payet: Galtier asks for leniency for OL

The coach of OGC Nice, Christophe Galtier, who experienced this situation, believes that the clubs are not responsible for the behavior of some « delinquents ». For him, OL should therefore not be penalized following the throwing of a bottle on Dimitri Payet.

French football as a whole continues to give its opinion on the incident at Groupama Stadium on Sunday evening for OL-OM. If everyone seems unanimous in sanctioning the offenders very harshly, there is still disagreement on the issue of club liability. A few weeks ago, OGC Nice received two penalty points, one of which was suspended. For slightly different facts because in addition to a bottle throw on Dimitri Payet, supporters had invaded the field and attacked some OM players. This time, OL risk losing the match on the green carpet. At a press conference this Thursday, Christophe Galtier said he was against the sanctions against clubs.

« It’s not the club’s fault »

“That the match is abandoned and that it does not resume, it is quite normal. If it happens on a referee, there is not even two minutes of discussions, which is normal. So when it happens to a player, there shouldn’t be any discussions either. There were matches, where the objects arrived on the ground and we closed our eyes. We should not close our eyes, but hit hard. No one is immune. When it happened to us, there were a lot of comments. It can happen to anyone. We can have the best order service, it can happen anyway. […] We cannot call this person (who threw the bottle at Dimitri Payet editor’s note) a supporter. He’s a delinquent. It’s not the club’s fault. People who behave like that should be punished as delinquents ”, said Christophe Galtier, who does not consider these troublemakers as fans. And in this case, the sanctions against the home club would still not deter them.

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