Football legends loyal to a club like Francesco Totti

Like Francesco Totti, there are football legends who have shown their loyalty to a single club throughout their careers. Discover them here.

Arrived at Roma at the age of 13, Francesco Totti is by far the legend most faithful to the yellow and red jersey. His love affair with this Italian club could be summed up in the saying “Totti è la Roma”, that is to say “Totti is Roma”. However, long before him, but also after, football has known many other legends who have played for only one club throughout their careers.

Idolized by the fans, these legends have definitely managed to inscribe their names in the annals of their respective teams. They are also part of the icons that allow football to shine and inspire several other sectors such as cinema, literature, and of course video games. When we talk more specifically about casino games, we easily notice that the king of sport and its legends are the muse of many designers. Whether it’s slots, video poker or a list of free roulette games, you can find plenty of games celebrating the sport and the geniuses it produces. In this article, we take an overview of these legends who have marked the history of their favorite club through their loyalty.

Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti is unquestionably one of the best examples of longevity at a European club. He took his first steps at La Louve at the age of 16 and a half during the match between AS Roma and Brescia on March 28, 1993. That day, the Roman club was leading 2 to 0 and Vudajin Boskov, the then coach decides to launch the young Totti at the 87th minute. Although he was not decisive during this match, this moment marked the beginning of the career of a kid who years later became a true icon of Roma. Over the seasons, he has established himself as an indispensable player for the club and has won several trophies, both individual and collective.

The 2006-2007 season was the most prolific in his rich career. With 30 goals scored, he finished as European golden shoe and top scorer in Serie A. That same year, he won the Italian Cup. However, unlike other football legends, Francesco Totti has won the Scudetto only once in his career, that of the year 2001. But still! It was with strong emotions, tears, ovations and joy that all the supporters of La Louve chanted his name inside the Stadio Olimpico on May 28, 2017, when he ended his career after more than 23 years at the club. In time, it is possible to see him again in the yellow and red jersey in another role, but in the meantime, Totti is the new global ambassador of DigitalBits.

Paolo Maldini

In this selection, Paolo Maldini is one of the most capped players in terms of trophies. He is the son of Cesare, a former Italian libero who was one of the very first to lift the 1963 European Cup in the jersey of AC Milan. Like his father, Paolo donned the Rossoneri jersey for his first steps and remained there throughout his football career. It was launched by coach Fabio Capello during the 1984-85 season following the injury of regular starter Sergio Battistini. This was the beginning of a rich career of more than 900 games. Paolo Maldini is one of the great architects of AC Milan’s great domination over Italian and European football. Alongside players such as Gennaro Gattuso, Marco Sadotti, Leonardo Nascimento or George Weah, he shone on the international scene for many years.

Paolo Maldini won more than 25 trophies during his rich career. He played in 8 Champions League finals and won 5 of them. In total, 7 Scudettos were won by this player proclaimed « King of Milan » by the supporters. AC Milan fans experienced strong emotions thanks to the performances of Paolo Maldini and his band from Casciavìt. It should be noted that after ending his rich career in 2009, Maldini Jr. took office in the organizational bodies of the AC Milan club as Sporting Director. The adventure therefore continues in another form.

Ryan Giggs

Trained with the Reds Devils, Ryan Giggs took his first steps at the age of 17 on the lawn of Old Trafford, and since that day he has shown unparalleled loyalty in the north of England. He was spotted aged 14 by living legend Alex Ferguson at Manchester City’s School of Excellence while fooling around with a kick ball. At that time, he himself could not imagine playing for the rival club, that is, Manchester United. After convincing the parents of the kid, Alex Ferguson integrated him into the training center of the red devils. Three years later, more precisely on March 2, 1991, he brought the young Welshman into play in a match between the Mancunians against Everton. This was the beginning of a rich career of 35 titles won and more than 960 matches played.

The Welsh magician was known for his left paw, for his skill and his dedication to the club. Alongside many other legends, he made the heyday of this team being 13 times champion of England, twice champion of Europe (1999, 2008), 4 FA Cups, 9 Community Shield, 4 League Cups, but also a UEFA Super Cup, a Club World Cup and an Intercontinental Cup. With a total of 158 goals scored at the end of a career that ended in 2014, Ryan Giggs was voted the best player in the history of the Mancunian club by the fans and is now considered a legend alongside Bobby Charlton, Eric Cantona or even Paul Scholes.

Paul Scholes

Among those who wrote the history of Manchester United, there is also Paul Scholes. A midfielder, he entered the Manchester United academy at the age of 14 where he grew up alongside a generation of young players including Beckham, Giggs, Neville and Butt. His professional contract was signed at the age of 16 and his professional career was launched in a match against Port Vale in the League Cup during the 1994-95 season. This poster ended with a 2-0 victory with a brace from Paul Scholes; here is a great way to launch your professional career. Thereafter, he gleaned playing time in several games and finished with a total of 14 goals on the clock, behind the other club legend Eric Cantona.

Paul Scholes will have played 718 games in all competitions with 155 goals scored in 18 seasons in the red tunic. He ended his career on May 29, 2011, 17 years after his arrival at Manchester United, a club which knew as coach José Morinho, current coach of AS Roma. However, against all odds, six months after hanging up, he returned to the club again to play for two more seasons before quitting for good. From his rich career, we will remember a great love for round leather, he who never needed an agent for any transfer.

Carles Puyol

When it comes to mentioning the legendary defenders at FC Barcelona, ​​the name of Carles Puyol certainly comes up on many lips. Born in Catalonia and educated at La Masia, he is and remains the Blaugrana’s one-club player to this day despite not being the most capped player at Barca in terms of games played. Carles Puyol took his first steps in La Liga during the 1999-2000 season, more precisely on October 2, 1999. He made an impression on his coach by appearing as a young defender who was rough, solid and sure of himself in taking control. decision. From that moment, he receives confidence and plays many games of great importance thereafter.

Over the seasons, he has established himself as a key player in the 11 type of coaches he has known, in particular Pep Guardiola. With the FC Barcelona first team, Puyol played a total of 593 games in all competitions for 18 goals scored and 10 seasons as captain. He will have won 16 titles, including 3 Champions League and received several personal distinctions, in particular the prize for the best UEFA defender of the year 2006. Unlike several other legends, Carles Puyol had to hang up his clothes following his numerous injuries which no longer allowed him to to progress to a high level.

Franco Baresi

Like Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi is a defender who has remained loyal to AC Milan throughout his career. He is also part of the generation that dominated the international scene during the 1880s. Unlike Paolo who directly followed in the footsteps of his father Cesare, Baresi first took an entrance test at the club’s academy rival of Inter Milan at the age of 14. Unfortunately, he was refused and without wasting time, he passed a new trial with the milanistas who did not hesitate to accept him. On April 23, 1978, he made his debut in the jersey of the reds and blacks at the age of 17 and that was the beginning of a great love story. Each season, he has shown his skills both as a player and as a captain. As for the prize list, all that is missing is the Italian Cup in his cupboard. Whether it’s the European cups or other Italian cups, this legend has won everything with AC Milan.

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