Football Italy – Ita: Ribéry and his club fired from Serie A?

Red lantern after 17 days, the Salernitana finds itself threatened with exclusion from Serie A. In question, the absence of buyer for the promoted, while a redemption must imperatively take place before the end of the calendar year. It would be a blow for the Italian club, but also for its French winger Franck Ribéry.

Franck Ribéry’s second part of the season is clearly under threat. Nothing to do with an injury. The problem is more at the administrative level. Indeed, his club Salernitana, promoted to Serie A this season after 23 years of absence, has not improved its situation since this summer. Recall that the Italian club had been the property of Claudio Lolito since 2011. Only now, the regulations prohibit the same businessman from having two teams in the elite.

What future for Ribéry?

The boss of Lazio Rome has therefore dropped his double hat. And the Salernitana, which has not found a buyer, was entrusted to a trust the time to find a solution until the last deadline set at the end of the calendar year. You will understand, this deadline is fast approaching. And no investor has wanted to buy the promoted for the moment. It must be said that his sporting situation is not necessarily attractive since the team of Franck Ribery, which has not won any of its last eight games in all competitions, occupies the place of red lantern in the league.

Anyway, without a new owner within a fortnight, the Salernitana risks exclusion from Serie A. The case will be discussed at a meeting at the headquarters of the Italian Football Federation on Thursday. While waiting for new information, the former player of Olympique de Marseille must consider all the possibilities. And we imagine that the 38-year-old Frenchman has no desire to end his career on such an episode.

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