Football Italy – Cristiano Ronaldo – Juventus, an explosive secret contract!

Italian justice is interested in how Juventus paid Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary and the case looks like a time bomb.

Last Thursday, the leaders of Juventus saw the financial brigade land in their offices and not to have a drink while talking about football. On the side of Italian justice, we suspect the Turin club of having taken enormous liberties with the accounting rules in order to escape the tax authorities. In order to support their case, the investigators searched the premises of Juventus, leaving with boxes of documents, but a priori not all of those they thought they could seize. This includes establishing the terms of payment for Cristiano Ronaldo during the Covid period, nothing being clear. According to Ottavia Giustetti, journalist for La Repubblica, a phone call made by Federico Cherubini, the sporting director, to Cesare Gabasio, a lawyer who has been overseeing the club’s legal department since January 2021, put the chip in the ear of the financial squad who was investigating this case. During this call and speaking of Cristiano Ronaldo, the lawyer evokes  » this famous document which should theoretically not exist « . Heard Saturday for nearly 10 hours by the police, Cherubini did not wish to say more, in particular on his remarks about his remarks on  » indecent wages Paid by Juventus and which would put the club in the red.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus, a hidden file?

The operation called Prisma is starting to make huge waves in Italy, because it concerns dozens of transfers, even if obviously it is the Cristiano Ronaldo file which occupies the top of the basket. Among the revelations already made, we learn that Jorge Mendes pocketed 12 million euros for « solidarity contribution and related charges » for the transfer of CR7 from Real Madrid to Juventus. After hearing the sports director of Juventus, the financial brigade now wants the club’s lawyer to be officially heard, the secret document not having been found during the search. On the side of the Italian press, it is believed that this hidden contract between Cristiano Ronaldo and the Old Lady would have made it possible to find an arrangement capable of financially agreeing to both parties, but not to the tax authorities.

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