Football Italy – Berlusconi’s shocking slippage before OL

On the occasion of the Christmas dinner organized on Tuesday evening, Silvio Berlusconi totally let go. In front of the players and managers, the president of Monza revealed an astonishing promise made to his locker room during the first part of the season. What to attract the wrath of his detractors.

Silvio Berlusconi is more than a controversy. Implicated in various scandals throughout his career, the 86-year-old Italian further enlarged the list of his slip-ups during the Christmas dinner organized on Tuesday evening. The president of Monza gave a speech in front of the players and the managers. Everything was going well until the politician praised his coach Raffaele Palladino appointed last September.

Berlusconi promised prostitutes

«  We have found a new coach, our team coach Primavera, who is good, kind, friendly and able to stimulate our boysfirst congratulated Silvio Berlusconi, before revealing the promise made to his locker room as motivation. I then put on extra insurance because I said to the boys: « Now Juve, Milan, etc. are coming and if you win against one of these big teams, I will send a bus full of hookers.” ” The joke amused the people present in the room, and who know the character well.

On the other hand, the video of this speech shocked on social networks. Many critics of Silvio Berlusconi have condemned his remarks as incorrect and sexist. It is true that the president of Monza, known for his outspokenness, was not very inspired. “Il Cavaliere” thus launches a controversy which his team would have done well without. The promoted, who occupies 14th place after 15 days of Serie A, is indeed preparing for the second part of the season. In particular with a friendly match against Olympique Lyonnais scheduled for December 22.

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