football is (by far) the most targeted sport

1.03 billion euros is what the pirating of audiovisual and sports content would have cost during 2019 in France. This means that 9% of this global market of 11.6 billion euros goes up in smoke. Faced with this phenomenon, the pressure of rights holders is increasing and the French parliament has just adopted a law aimed at better countering IPTVs.

How to fight against pirating of sports broadcasts?

A report published by Synamedia, a UK streaming company, also provides interesting information on sports broadcast piracy. After a vast survey of Internet users residing in ten countries (Germany, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Egypt, India, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, United Kingdom and United States), the experts first of all could see the overwhelming domination of football.

It is the most pirated sport in all of these countries, with the exception of India where cricket is in number one. The authors also note that half of people who consume pirated sports content start by watching football before moving on to other disciplines.

Researchers also note that Internet users pirate primarily for financial reasons. They often do not have the means to pay for the legal subscriptions.

Another problem mentioned is the lack of a legal offer in some cases. Consumers then logically turn to alternative pirate offers. However, these  » availability black holes « Then lead them to view more pirated content, explains Synamedia.

Armed with these findings, analysts then wonder how to counter sports piracy. According to them, the latter should be made less attractive by cutting illegal flows. It would also be necessary to ensure that potential customers can find legal offers at affordable prices. If these conditions are met, a colossal windfall of $ 28 billion could then return to the pockets of those with rights.

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