Football: in the country of Pontivy, the fratricidal duel of the French Cup between Gaël and Guewen Le Douarin

The Stadiste Gaël (left) and the neo-Reguinois Guewen will face each other on Sunday.
The Stadiste Gaël (on the left) and the neo-Reguinois Guewen will face each other on Sunday. Duel of brothers Le Douarin on the ground for the 3rd round of the French Cup. ©Pontivy Journal

The French Cup full of stories. Like that of the Le Douarin brothers: Gaël, 34, and Guewen, 26, will face each other, for the first time in their football career, on the occasion of the 3e round of the French Cup between the Saint-Clair Reguiny (D1) and the Pontivyen Stadium (R1), in the Morbihanthis Sunday, September 11, 2022. On their land, since they are from Réguiny…

“We are happy to play against each other. It was almost unlikely…”

From thedraw announcement Monday evening September 5, 2022, the match had started between them.

We are happy to play against each other. It was almost unlikely on the number of teams present, a full draw. We spoke on the phone afterwards. We have always been in the same club, even played a few matches together.

Gaël and Guewen Le Douarin

And the eldest to affirm: “Last weekend, I said that I would have preferred to play Réguiny than Pleugriffet in the same sector. I laughed about it… ” His wish was therefore granted. For a day of firsts, too. “It’s the first time I’m going to play in Réguiny, the year Guewen arrived there. »

Indeed, after eight years at the Stade Pontivyen, the youngest joined Réguiny during the off-season. For “an earlier return to basics. When I played at the Stade, I dreamed of facing Réguiny. And there, we will play against my old club. It’s a dream draw. »

« We say almost everything about our teams »

For one as for the other, the opponent of the day already has many secrets. Even if there was movement among the Yellows and Blacks.

Every weekend, we know it by heart. After the games, we say almost everything about our respective teams.

Gaël and Guewen Le Douarin

On the game planthey could indulge in beautiful duels. Being in the central zone, in the event of a ball rising at the foot of Gaël, the central defender of the stadium. Or the neo-Reguinois Guewen, a central midfielder with a rather defensive vocation, who projects himself, even going high in the laundry.

There will inevitably be duels, it will be weird. There was not necessarily restraint in training, but we were still careful.

Guewen Le Douarin

On the match itself, Gaël recalls that  » the goal is to be at 4e round. We will have to be serious”; while, for Guéwen, « it looks like hard, even very difficult. We want to annoy them as much as possible, throughout the match if possible, and play a really good match. »

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« Let it be a good game and come what may »

He sends a message to his big brother: “Enjoy your first match at La Belle Aurore (Editor’s note: the name of the municipal stadium in Réguiny). May it be a good match and come what may! If I see you getting angry during the match, it will be a good sign for us! »

Gaël replies to his little brother: “May we have a good match on both sides, a great party for both clubs and may your reunion with the Stadium go well… But that you do not qualify for the 4e round ! »

Who to go to see, the parents wondered…

All this, under the watchful eye of the family. In particular parents, who are undoubtedly happy to see their sons play against each other in the Coupe de France.

Our parents were wondering who to go to see on Sunday… There, it’s in Réguiny, right next door. Our parents are already in the 4th round.

Gaël and Guewen Le Douarin

They can’t wait for Sunday. And maybe in consolation, the winner will offer his jersey of 4e loser’s turn…

Practical information: this Sunday, September 11, 2022, at 3 p.m. in Réguiny, match Réguiny (D1) – Pontivyen Stadium (R1).

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