Football: in Creuse, the France-England match has already taken place… while walking!

Originally from across the Channel, walking football, or football while walking, is about to experience the same success in France if we are to believe those who have already tested the discipline and want more!

With the Entente Cordiale

Thus, at the invitation of the mayor, Philippe Chavant, a group of Britons involved in a team within the Entente cordiale of Dun-le-Palestel came, one Sunday morning, to install cages and studs on the Charles-Chareille stadium , in order to introduce the « Frenchies » to this game and its rules.

As its name suggests, it is played while walking and « trotting » is allowed as long as you always keep one foot in contact with the ground. Physical contact is prohibited, as is putting the ball higher than the shoulders.

Six players vs six players

As for the teams, they only need five, six or seven players. This Sunday, therefore, there were six on one side and as many on the other for a France-United Kingdom match for which no one has counted the goals. On the other hand, everyone had fun, even if the neophytes were surprised to have spent much more energy than they imagined.

Why is « walking football » good for your health?

« We no longer have a football team, but we have a stadium and facilities », summed up Philippe Chavant, who added: « with the teams that already exist in Dun and Aigurande (Indre), we could easily organize meetings ». To be continued…

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