football in all its forms

Halfway through the World Cup, it’s time to take stock. And very clearly, calls for boycotts failed according Kevin Veyssiere, journalist and founder of FC Geopolitics : « It’s complicated to compare two competitions that don’t take place at the same time since it usually happens in summer, it’s true that there are a lot of followers of this French team. The rhythm of the competition has taken step on these issues of rights for workers or for LGBT people ».

Exactly, what is the role of politics in these major events? Our guest responds: « From the first football World Cup in Uruguay in 1930, it was already a political event in itself. They wanted the World Cup and they convinced the various international partners ». Our guest goes further, « the football field can sometimes be seen as a political arena ». Conversely, what is the place of football in politics? Kevin Veyssière explains: « Athletes should not be held responsible for the disastrous conditions in which this World Cup was held. But if the players are not supported by their federation, it is difficult to make a decision alone ».

In our podcast, our guest also returns to his belated boycott calls.

On the side of amateur footballit’s not better… Dembé, football coach in Seine-Saint-Denis, let out a rant! He takes care of U13 and U14 teams with, in all, about fifty child footballers. And surprisingly, the problems do not come from the children, but from the parents. He explains to you: « They take up space when they are around the field! They give instructions to children other than their own ». Beyond the anecdote, it is a real educational method that these parents come to disturb: “They are between 13 and 14 years old, they are no longer considered children. There is a real need for autonomy in them. […] Our job is sports educator, there is really an education component that should not be erased ». And there are the others too, those who think their child is the next Mbappé : « If he is good, it is good! Whether a child is good or bad, when the parent is too present, it remains a problem ».

Dembé also returns to the fashion of « Project Mbappe« : a practice that consists of forcing your child to play football to make him become the new Mbappé…

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