Football: Impulsstar, the « made in France » tournament that never stops growing

About ten days ago, Impulsstar organized the 11th edition of its now famous 5-a-side football tournament, which is an opportunity for young people to get noticed. But also to highlight urban cultures.

The famous words “the suburbs influence Paname, Paname influences the world” have never illustrated an event so well. The 11e edition of the Impulstar tournament was once again a success. Between talents in the field, content creators and singers, the event shone at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. And will be exported abroad soon.

This Monday, August 29, as the start of the new school year is fast approaching, the party is at the rendezvous at the Emile-Anthoine stadium. In the stands, the supporters came in large numbers to admire the matches but also the show.

Soon in London

On the field, throughout the day, young players, PSG stars (Hugo Ekitike, Nuno Mendes, Renato Sanches for men, Grace Geyoro for women), freestylers like those of the Speen Style collective but also rappers like Orelsan or Laylow.

A real party like every year. “Impulstar started eleven years ago and it’s a magnificent project, explains Chloé Réauté, communication manager for Instagram France. We share his passion for football and urban cultures. What is impressive is that this event is free. And having such a line-up is unheard of in France for a free event.

A great pride for Impulstar which was born in Argenteuil (the tournament was created by Bernard Messi) and which is above all 100% French.

“It is an event piloted from A to Z in France, recalls the France communication manager of the social network. And in the next few months, there will be a development abroad. We are going to do the same thing in London with the Impulstar teams.” Local and national pride.

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