Football England – War in Ukraine, China blocks Cristiano Ronaldo

While France has decided to end the contract to broadcast Ligue 1 matches in Russia following the war in Ukraine, China is doing the same with the Premier League in support of Vladimir Putin.

China is a huge customer for European football, the proof even in France we play matches at 1 p.m. on Sundays to please the Asian market. And on the Beijing side, if we don’t focus too much on Ligue 1, whose audiences are anecdotal in terms of the population, it is not the same with the Premier League. The English championship is extraordinarily popular in Asia, but given the international news, the Chinese leaders have decided to strike very hard. Indeed, while the Manchester derby will be played at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday between the formation coached by Pep Guardiola and the team of Cristiano Ronaldo, Chinese Premier League fans will not have this match live on television. Because if the LFP has deprived Russian viewers of Ligue 1, the Chinese power has decided to cut off the tap of the Premier League in order to show its support for Vladimir Putin, following the invasion of Ukraine last week.

A political decision that costs the Premier League millions of euros

China believes that the many demonstrations of support for Ukraine broadcast during football matches in England are provocations and the sanction was brutal. IQIYI Sports, which now broadcasts the Premier League in the Middle Empire, has warned the English authorities that this weekend no match will be broadcast, including the Manchester derby. Holder of the rights for 3 years, IQIYI Sports will also stop paying for matches that it does not broadcast, this is all the more embarrassing for the Premier League since the contract had already been revised downwards during the recent change. broadcaster in China. In this television battle, fortunately less dramatic than the one taking place in Ukraine, sport seems to take a huge place, with each of the two camps trying to destabilize the other. For English football fans in China, the Mancunian derby will have to be followed differently, and it is not certain that streaming in Beijing and Shanghai will work as well as in Europe.

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