Football England – Chelsea sold, Abramovich watched closely

Chelsea sold, Abramovich watched closely

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The Chelsea sale file has been dragging on for several weeks. But the process is finally coming to an end.

Indeed, the sale of Chelsea from Roman Abramovich to Todd Boehly is about to be concluded. The London club will be sold for a sum of around 4 billion euros, after several weeks of negotiations and while other suitors such as Jim Ratcliffe had expressed their interest. In its edition of the day, The Telegraph gives an update on the file and mentions in particular the case of Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea targeted by the sanctions of the British government since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine because of his proximity to Vladimir Putin. As indicated since the beginning of this file, Roman Abramovich will not receive a penny from the sale of his club according to the English tabloid.

Abramovich will not receive a euro from the sale

A charitable foundation will be created to redistribute the money from the sale of Chelsea. But as indicated by the Telegraph, this foundation will not be able to bear the name of Roman Abramovich, nor even be controlled by the Russian oligarch. Anyone close to his entourage will also be prohibited from managing this foundation, which will aim to redistribute to victims of the war in Ukraine the 4 billion euros invested by Todd Boehly to buy the club. “To be clear, Mr. Abramovich has no access to or control over these funds and will have no access or control over these funds after the sale” said the spokesperson for Roman Abramovich, who will purely and simply disappear from English football and who will not receive a penny from the sale of his club. Undoubtedly the most impactful of the sanctions for the Russian businessman, who sees his business damaged by a historic decision on the part of the British government.

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