Football England – Arsenal-PSV canceled, TV and the police in the hard

After the cancellation of this weekend’s Premier League matches due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, English football could find it difficult to restart.

Indeed, the police are mobilized by the funeral and the Europa League match between Arsenal and PSV Eindhoven has been canceled. UEFA announced that there was a lack of availability of police resources, while the events will multiply by Monday and the funeral of the Queen of England. Note that several matches could be canceled again this weekend for the same reasons, and in particular the clash between Chelsea and Liverpool.

Hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected this weekend for the events and the mobilizations of the police are exceptional. If the Champions League matches should be maintained, other Premier League matches are in danger, and in particular the still very hot opposition between Leeds and Manchester United. In addition to this, due to the worldwide coverage of the event in the coming days, the number of TV trucks available for football matches has dropped drastically.

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