Football England – Ang: Arteta is lucky, Klopp thinks so

This Sunday’s Premier League clash will pit surprise leaders ahead of the weekend against Arsenal and Liverpool. In difficulty with the Reds, Jurgen Klopp can only bow to the quality of the Gunners, players as coach.

In football, everything goes very quickly. A year before, Liverpool were at the top and should have stuck with a trap move to Arsenal. But, this season, the favorite is called Arsenal and the team in crisis would rather be Liverpool. The Gunners are irresistible in the Premier League with seven wins in eight games. The Londoners walked on many formations with 20 goals scored and only eight conceded. In addition, they already have 11 points ahead of Liverpool, warmly installed in the soft underbelly of the classification.

Arteta’s work and monster individual talents

Jurgen Klopp has reason to be impressed by his Sunday opponent and he does not hide it. The German weaved praise to his counterpart Mikel Arteta at a press conference. Seduced by the work of the Spanish manager, he is no less so by the quality of the Gunners squad. If it were up to Klopp, some Arsenal players would have been at Liverpool for a long time.

 » All my respect! Very good work from Mikel (Arteta). When you need time, no one wants to give it to you. I have to say, a lot of respect. There is so much talent… Martinelli, I was excited about him early on, Odegaard, I spoke to him when he was 15 in Norway with his dad. Saka… And Gabriel Jesus, Mikel knew how good he could be outside of Man City. Thomas Partey, everyone saw how good he was at Atlético de Madrid. Lots of quality. It’s a young and dynamic team that is doing very well. “, he dropped in a pre-match press conference. However, the German will have to find the solutions on Sunday to allow Liverpool to raise their heads and achieve the weekend’s great coup. One could almost speak of a feat if successful, Jurgen Klopp would certainly approve.

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