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Football is the number one sport in the world and its numbers are dizzying.

The football economy represents 400 billion euros internationally and mobilizes tens of millions of volunteers and fans of their club every day! In France alone, football represents more than 15,000 clubs, including around fifty professional clubs, and 30,000 matches every weekend during which more than 2 million licensees live their passion. Through its popularity, its international stature and its social role, football is an essential vector for the transformation of society.

Football is as much impacted by climatic and environmental changes as it is impacting the environment. The impact of football on the planet is significant, in particular through its pollution and its CO2 emissions: massive transport for competitions (2.1 million tonnes of CO2 for the 2018 World Cup, i.e. the impact of 200,000 French), waste during events (10 tonnes on average for a Ligue 1 match), energy consumption for stadiums and digital communication, water consumption for lawns (100 million m3 per year in France), meat which generates 7 times more CO2 emissions than a plant-based diet, etc. At the same time, the very practice of this sport is called into question in certain regions of the world and in France the examples of cancellation of matches and sporting events are multiplying due to global warming. The time is therefore no longer for observation and awareness but for action. Football, like all human activities, must adapt to the consequences of the impacts it generates and thus reinvent itself and contribute to the construction of a more viable and responsible world. With the approach of a World Cup decried on social and environmental levels, the world of football must act and accelerate on issues that go far beyond the organization of occasional international events.

From soccer cleats to ecological footprint, there is only one “goal”! Football Ecology France launched in 2020 a first national citizen consultation « Football and Ecological Transition » to collect the vision of French speakers on the link between football and the ecological transition and to provide some answers on the sensitivity of football to ecology, the priorities, the solutions to be implemented in the world of football (results available in computer graphics). The responses to this consultation enabled the association to deploy tools and the eco-support movement in the field. She thus wrote a white paper “Football and ecological transition: eco-supporterism comes into play!”, without forgetting to lead a #TousEcoSupporters campaign before the Euro football in 2021.

To continue to co-build the football of tomorrow, the association is relaunching a national citizen consultation in 2022, which will be available from September 22 to November 20

It will make it possible to collect comparative data between 2022 and 2020, the opinions and ideas of citizens, and will provide the means to develop infographics, new tools and approaches facilitating the individual and collective commitment of players in the world of football (examples: “Football Ecological Fresco” workshop, “My Eco-supporter Passport” guide, “Football and Ecological Transition” e-learning, etc.). With the support of ADEME, KIPSTA and « 1% for the Planet », Football Ecology France invites all citizens to join the association’s projects and its eco-support movement to contribute to the transition ecological and solidarity. Support Football Ecologie France now on

Football Écologie France offers lovers and actors of amateur and professional football the opportunity to mobilize in all the cities of France. The association is active in the field to support football players and their communities (players, managers, coaches, educators, town hall, parents, volunteers, sponsors, etc.). Football Ecology France raises awareness and provides training on the ecological and solidarity transition, enables the acquisition of skills and tools to act in the field (from the lawn to digital), facilitates the exchange of good practices, disseminates innovation monitoring, co-organizes innovative ecological sporting events and advises on the evolution of stadiums.

ADEME, the Ecological Transition Agency

We are resolutely committed to the fight against global warming and the degradation of resources. On all fronts, we are mobilizing citizens, economic players and regions, giving them the means to progress towards a resource-efficient, lower-carbon, fairer and more harmonious society. In all areas – energy, air, circular economy, food waste, waste, soil – we advise, facilitate and help finance numerous projects, from research to sharing solutions. At all levels, we put our expertise and forecasting capacities at the service of public policies. ADEME is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation:

KIPSTA Decathlon

KIPSTA was the team sports brand of the DECATHLON group, which brought together various team sports including football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, handball, field hockey, cricket and baseball. Since 2016, KIPSTA has become Decathlon’s 100% Football brand. For more than 20 years we have been developing products for soccer players, whatever their age or level. https:/

“1% for the Planet” initiative

Environmental protection is the « poor relation » of philanthropy, representing only 3% of the sums involved in sponsorship. And yet the environmental problems that we face and will face are immense. The mission of 1% for the Planet is to increase environmental philanthropy and increase the impact on the ground of the actions carried out by environmental protection associations by facilitating their search for funds:

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