Football: Delort-Laborde, the transfer window is agitated for the duo of Montpellier HSC

The two Montpellier attackers are the target of Marseille and Nice for one, Sevilla FC or West Ham for the other.

Montpellier is attacked on its attackers: Andy Delort and Gaëtan Laborde. The more the end of the transfer window approaches (August 31), the more the threat of a departure becomes clearer for the two Montpellier center forward, so successful for three years.

Nice went on the offensive to secure the new captain of Montpellier, under contract until 2024 and aged 29. Christophe Galtier, the new technician from Nice, estimated Friday « that he needed another striker (that Dolberg, Editor’s note) and that Delort filled a lot of boxes in the profile he is looking for. The club is working in this direction » , he revealed.

Nicollin: « If Andy Delort wants to leave and if I have the amount I want, he will leave »

The Sétois, who has just completed his third season in Hérault, wants to experience a European project. For the moment, on the eve of the important meeting in front of Lorient on Sunday (3 p.m.) at La Mosson, nothing has yet been finalized. « He is still there. If I received a proposal, it is because it does not correspond. There is no agreement. If he wants to leave and if I have the amount I want, he will leave, « retorts the president of Montpellier, Laurent Nicollin.

Nice is eyeing a lot of Montpellier players, annoyed by its deceptively innocent approaches. Since June, the Riviera club has been buzzing with rumors and intentions about midfielder Jordan Ferri, always closely followed, or striker Gaëtan Laborde.

Laborde, West Ham offer imminent

The former Girondin, 27 years old and bound for two years, is rather in the sights of foreign clubs, in particular Sevilla FC. The Andalusian club, and its powerful sporting director Monchi, are waiting to « sell one of their players » before making another proposal.

The Spaniards, who have won four Europa Leagues in eight years, should not be long in coming. The English club West Ham, already interested in the winter transfer window, is preparing to make an offer early next week.

The right-back Junior Sambia, revealing last season, is also the subject of strong interest from several French or foreign clubs who have already approached Montpellier.

An attacker recruited in the event of the departure of the duo, who will not be De Préville

If Delort and Laborde, who arrived in 2018, leave Montpellier together, where they have changed status, a new attacker will be recruited. « If Laborde is the only one to leave, he will not be replaced. If Laborde and Delort leave, we will take a new striker, » clarifies Laurent Nicollin.

Without a club, the ex-Bordelais Nicolas De Préville will not be the providential man to assume this heavy heritage. While the name of Valère Germain, free since his departure from OM at the beginning of the summer, is regularly associated with that of the MHSC, as with other clubs.

Nicollin: « If you want a player, you assume »

The end of this post-Mediapro transfer window, long sluggish and eagerly awaited, is straining the various players. The attitude of the Nice coach displeases the side of Montpellier. « I’m waiting for something concrete. I’m not the partridge of the year. In life, you have to be upright and dignified. If you want a player, you assume » plague the Montpellier president.

« Let the men take a stand, their responsibilities and say what they want. We’re grown people. We have enough connections to call each other. And to say, I’ve been your player for a while, I am. But, don’t pretend that you discovered it by looking at Amazon « continues the Montpellier president, who has been watching Nice’s intentions for several weeks.

Change of agent …

The behavior of the Sète striker intrigued this summer, where he joined the same agent as Galtier. « It’s been going around in circles for two months, it becomes painful. When Andy Delort, who has the highest salary, a salary the club has never offered to anyone, and he has three years of contract and he change agent, there is a ball in the pie. You imagine that he has an idea behind the head. Or that one put an idea in his head, « he continues.

Andy Delort, armband on his arm, will be at the forefront of the Montpellier attack this Sunday in front of Lorient. A meeting that promises to be complicated for everyone.

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