Football: cruel scenario for the RCOA, the course in the Coupe de France ends there

In the 7th round of the national cup, Agde received this Sunday Colomiers, team of National 3.

Four minutes from the end of regulation time, in numerical inferiority, the RCOA thought he had his qualification in hand. But to believe that the success was not on the Agde side this cup Sunday.

Against all expectations, they conceded two goals in quick succession just before and just after the 90th. Besides Villa’s harsh expulsion in the 22nd. Hard these days, for a team deprived of certain individualities from past seasons. The RCOA dolphin of the Occitanie hen, begins its season in sawtooth. The management was counting on a victory in this 7th round of the French Cup in order to continue the adventure and strengthen the workforce. But a certain lack of freshness, of lucidity, prevented them from doing so.

And it’s a shame, because over the time allowed they showed a little more than their opponents. L’US Colomiers, after a good first period was extinguished, and this until the 86th. Previously, the first half was balanced, although slightly in favor of the visitors. The formations leave on a parity result. Hattab (36th, 1-1) responds to Mekhalfa who surprised everyone with a long shot close to the post of Cottes (1-0, 21st). But the second period is sluggish although Agde is doing better.

Agde takes the lead

On the hour mark the locals get a corner on against. Perfectly shot, Captain Isola places his head and cuts the trajectory into the nets of Cottes (2-1, 59th). It’s jubilation in the well-stocked stand of the Sanuin stadium! At this time, more than one think that the hardest part is made for President Oltra’s men.

Alas, on a corner at the end of the match, his rearguard was too soft on the action, let slip the leather that Hattab took over from the head to beat Vincent (2-2, 86th). Two everywhere, in the event of a draw it is directly the shots on goal, but these will not take place. On a ball whose agathoise defense is slow to seize in its surface, Hattab alone who did not expect so much, volleys it directly into the skylight (2-3, 90th + 3). Hard hard !

Nevertheless, ending on a beautiful image, the Agathois will return to the locker room to the congratulations of the public. And the US Colomiers guard of honor!

The game

Agde 2 – 3 Colomiers

Louis Sanguin 1 Stadium.

Half time: 1-1.

Referee: Romain Zamo.

Goal for Agde: Mazgouti (20th), Isola (58th).

Goal for Colomiers: Hattab (36th), Leoni (86th), Baptist (90th).

Warning for Agde: Mazgouti (62nd), Cros (71st), Isola (74th), Vincent (90th).

Warning for Colomiers: Baptiste (16th), Ventrice (78th), Cottes (90th).

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