Football – Coupe de France. The Stade de Reims set for Monday for its entry into the running

It is at the Parc des Princes, Monday, November 29 (7 p.m.), that the draw for the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France will take place, marking the entry into the running of Ligue 1 clubs, including the Stade de Reims . For once, the matches will not take place at the beginning of January but on the weekend of December 18 and 19, Oscar Garcia’s men finishing the calendar year in Marseille on Wednesday 22, at the same time as the phase go to Ligue 1. From the 32nd that dreams of reaching, almost two years after playing and losing (0-1) the Montpellier (L1) of Michel Der Zakarian in Delaune, Reims Sainte-Anne (R1), a breathtaking leader in the league and winner of two higher level formations (Raon-l’Étape, N3, then Bobigny, N2) in the previous rounds.

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