football / Coupe de France (round of 16). The House of happiness ?

Since his entry into the French Cup (105e edition), the US Sarre-Union (N3) has never stopped traveling. Sébastien Meyer’s men crisscrossed the Bas-Rhin by winning in Outre-Forêt (Oberlauterbach, R2), in Brumath (D2), in Haguenau (N2), in Center-Alsace (Rossfeld, R2) then in the ‘Eurometropolis (Schiltigheim, N2).

At 8e turn, the guys from Alsace Bossue believed they could play in Guadeloupe but it was finally on the ground of Bondoufle (Essonne), that they took their ticket for the next stage by sending the School Solidarity (R1) to his dear studies.

« It’s difficult but not unplayable »


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