FOOTBALL (Coupe de France): Montchanin makes the powder speak for Blanzy by winning 7 goals to 2


There will have been no surprises at the Blanzy stadium where the many spectators will have attended a well-crafted match, played in a very good state of mind.

All the ingredients were in place for this first Coupe de France meeting with a lawn in excellent condition and stands that would make many Regional teams pale. And things did not drag since the Montchaninois scored 3 goals in 20 minutes. The first by Metehan Demirel with a volley on a bad recovery from the Blanzynoise defense, the second by Issa Ka on an opening by Raphaël Renaud and the third by Arthur Pernot on a perfect service from Hugo Cassier.
Things were off to a bad start for Hugues Schaffer’s players, but at 3-0 the trend was to relax. The Blanzynois took the opportunity to reduce the mark twice and return to a more honorable score. Hugo Paulet escapes on the right wing, eliminates his direct opponent and the goalkeeper comes out to meet him. Perfect cross shot into the side netting. A loose ball by the visiting defense and Jonathan Cerano slips the ball to Aymeric Sauron. His powerful shot can only be touched by Nicolas Garcia. Montchanin’s reaction was immediate and Issa Ka scored his second goal after an exchange with Nicolas Lagrange just before half-time.

The second period resumes at the same pace with pleasant actions on both sides. The Reds would again prove their effectiveness with a perfect first lob from Hokkes (55). No luck, however, for Jonathan Cerato whose shot crashed into Nicolas Garcia’s crossbar. Nicolas Lagrange could not fail to score in turn. Speed, devastating hook and crossfire for a true striker goal (80). And Hokkes on the lookout also signed his double with a fine goal at the last minute.
The logic was respected this time, the two divisions of difference justified, the physical condition and the superior offensive efficiency in Montchaninois already well sharpened.

French Cup, 1st round. In Blanzy, municipal stadium: Montchanin beats Blanzy 7 goals to 2 (4 – 2)
Referee: Ombeline Lecoeuche
Montchanin: Garcia, Ka, Meyer, Demaizière, Renaud (cap.), Morele, Cassier, Demirel, Lagrange, Iyitutuncu, Pernod, Oulad Achjar, Proença, Alwafik, Lahcene, Grudien Coach: Mohammed Benabdallah
Blanzy: Charbonnier, Rey, Alhady, Nectoux, Champliaud (cap.), Devillard, Paulet, Fevre, Cerato, Sauron, Ravelle, Szymczykowski, Scaffer, Zizzutto, Boulet, Giroux coach: Hugues Schaffer

Hugues Schaffer, Blanzy trainer “Football is cruel. The score is super severe compared to what we showed. We saw good things, we put them in difficulty for 30 minutes. We have opportunities that we do not take. We will continue to work. »
Mohammed Benabdallah, Montchanin coach : “Not so easy as that, we had to reframe at half-time. I am satisfied with the players, they respected the instructions and their opponents. Physically, we’re pretty good, we’ll finish fine-tuning all that for future matches. »

Joel Served


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