FOOTBALL (Coupe de France): Montcenis eliminates Orion 4-1

08/22/2021 20:05

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The Montcellians will only have had an illusion of half time before collapsing at the end of the game.

It’s done, the competition is finally resuming its rights. And this Sunday was the first round of the Coupe de France, a tradition that makes the smallest clubs dream.
It was 3 p.m. when Mohammed Makhlouf released the 22 actors. To the 12 visiting players, Montcenis fielded a complete team. The first action is signed Anthony Da Silva. He takes speed his direct opponent before addressing a cross shot that hits the angle before falling on the head of the goalkeeper. It would have been the winning goal of the year, but the ball came back into the playing field. Without consequence.

On the contrary, it is the visitors who will open the scoring on a penalty converted by Smaïn Othmani following a foul by the Monticinese goalkeeper (26).
The Monticinese come back with good intentions and quickly prove it. Engagement quickly played, ball slipped to Mathieu Goujon who, from the midfielder, lobe the goalkeeper too advanced (45). The visitors have the opportunity to come back to the mark but the penalty shot again by Smaïn Othmani fails on the post (60). This failure cuts the legs of the visitors who will concede 3 goals in 20 minutes. On a free kick kicked by Mathieu Goujon, Justin Lachal aggravates the mark in the middle of a forest of legs (66). Mathis Langlois of the right wing cures the addition on a free kick (68) before Gaby Bonin imitates him on the left side on a direct free kick as well (88).
It should be noted the very good state of mind of the two teams and the very good refereeing of Mohammed Makhlouf.

Joel Servy

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