Football – Coupe de France: many Bearn clubs on deck


Of the 26 Béarnais clubs involved, 14 managed to climb to the second round, including several during the terrible penalty shoot-out (Esman, Castétis-Gouze and Lons), while conversely, Pontacq ( D2) had to bow narrowly against Garein (D2) (2-2, 0-3 on tab). The qualified teams join Orthez, Mauléon and the Portuguese from Pau (R2), as well as Lescar (R1), who start the competition this weekend. This second round, shared between Saturday and Sunday, offers several derbies between Béarnaise teams, such as Jurançon (R3), which receives the Avenir Mourenxois, unfortunate finalist of the Vispaly Cup and freshly promoted to Departmental 1, or even Lons (R3 ), who will start favorite on his ground against Oloron (D1).

Artix wants to surprise Lescar

Two Regional 3 teams, Esman and Pardies, will try to hook a formation evolving a division above, respectively the Portuguese of Pau and the Fameb (R2), wide winner on the ground of Morcenx (D1) (1- 8) in the first round. While several clubs playing at departmental level (Nay Vath Vielha, Enclaves du Plateau, FC3A and Castétis-Gouze) will do their utmost to prolong the adventure in this mythical competition, Artix (R3) will have a hard time facing Lescar, who operates at the highest regional level (R1). After a successful 2021-2022 season, thanks in particular to an excellent second half of the championship, the Lescariens have the qualities to go far in this cup and, why not, meet a national level team in the next rounds.

The program for the second round

Saturday at 8 p.m. Pardies (R3) – Fameb (R2) Esman (R3) – Portuguese Pau (R2) Mauléon (R2) – Saint-Pierre-d’Irube (R1) La Ribère (R3) – ES Montoise (R3) Roquefort- Saint-Justin (D2) – Orthez (R2) Sunday at 3 p.m. Lons (R3) – Oloron (D1) Artix (R3) – Lescar (R1) Jurançon (R3) – Avenir Mourenxois (D1) Saint-Symphorien (D2) – Scala (R3) Asmur (R2) – Doazit (R2) Nay Vath Vielha (D1) – Ygos (R2) Saint-Sever (D1) – Enclaves du Plateau (D2) FC3A (D2) – South Gironde (D2) Bretagne Marsan (D1) ) – Poey-de-Lescar (R3) Garein (D2) – Castétis-Gouze (D1)


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