Football (Coupe de France) Lot-et-Garonne clubs sunk by shots on goal in the 2nd round

As for the qualifiers, SU Agen (R2), Boé / Bon-Encontre (R2) and Assa (R3) held their rank with more or less panache against three D2 teams.

The highlight: FC Marmande already eliminated. A small turn and then goes for the Marmandais. Opposed to a team from La Brède that they will find again this season in the league, Olivier Hériveau’s men have not managed to finally become masters at home. Trailing 1-0 for a long time, they snatched the penalty shootout but without success, losing 5-3. Another season where the flagship club of Lot-et-Garonne did not shine in this competition.

The match: Casseneuil (R3) – Confluent 47 (R2): 2-2 (5 pens 4). The logic of the match was respected but the twenty-two players, despite the oppressive heat, made the fun last. Technically fairer and collectively more coherent, the locals thought they had done the hardest part by scoring at the end of the first (1-0, 41e) and at the start of the second period (2-0, 48e). Long without imagination and without success, the Daffodils however snatched an improbable penalty shootout. A header from Edin Hajdarevic (2-1, 84e) and a distant free kick from Matthias Péjac (2-2, 90e+2) brought the two teams tied. After a stoppage by each goalkeeper and a clear round by all the shooters, Loucas Voisin’s shot smashed on the crossbar, thus offering qualification to the Casseneuillois.

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