FOOTBALL (Coupe de France): Easy qualification for Torcy

Against a team from Pouilly sur Saône who had come with only nine players, the Torcéens won six goals to one.

For this first round of the Coupe de France, there was not really any suspense at the Torcy stadium. The players from Pouilly sur Saône indeed came with a reduced squad of nine players. « We have a lot of players who are still on vacation, and here we are playing with four guys who came back two days ago. » explains Julien Vandel, the Côte-d’Orient goalkeeper.
Difficult under these conditions to obtain a result. However, black never closed the game and the match was very correct. The proof is that Mr. Legoux, the referee, did not take a single card out of his pocket in the afternoon.

As for the score, it logically leaned quickly in favor of the Torceans who, applied, quickly benefited from the spaces created by the deficit of two opposing players. A quarter of an hour into the game, Maxime Medalle opened the scoring. Pouilly suffered and defended selflessly, but could not prevent Mourad Chachoue from doubling the score in the 36th minute, imitated three minutes later by Samy Chick on a quick counter-attack. At 3 – 0 at halftime, the mass was said.
However, the visitors continued to struggle and, just after conceding a fourth goal by Walid Hamaïdi, they saved the honor with a goal from their captain Murat Alasun (69th). In the last quarter of an hour, fatigue began to be felt, the spaces were wider and wider and Torcy added two goals, first by Messaoud Bouarouguène whose beautiful shot at the entrance to the surface was going to lodge under the bar of Vandel (75th), then by Mohammed Zaïr in the 86th.

Six to a final score, Torcy is therefore qualified for the next round. If the blues had a serious match and showed an attractive face, it is not easy to learn from a meeting against an opponent who was certainly brave, but who did not fight on equal terms.
Ludovic Knepper, the club’s president, is on the same wavelength: « We saw a good game. Pouilly did the job, hats off to them. In full, it might have been another game. For this As far as we are concerned, we are qualified, so we are obviously satisfied.”


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