FOOTBALL – Coupe de France: Before Salouël there was Longueau

For several weeks, the world of departmental football has been euphoric with the performance of this Saloüel-Saleux team which, this Sunday at La Licorne, will face Wasquehal for the 8th round of the Coupe de France.

All the press obviously used the word Cinderella or Petit Poucet of the most popular sports competition. But when we dive back a little, we see that a club, neighbor with Salouel, also distinguished himself in the Coupe de France. It’s about of the Railwaymen of Longueau and at the time, we had in the newspaper L’Equipe, wrote a first article with the title  » Longueau, the Beast of the Somme« . At this time which goes back to over thirty years, Longueau only evolved Somme championship. Longueau’s president was the late Jacky Minot who had held the same functions at Escarbotin. His trainer was Joseph Allart, a former player of Noeux les Mines and friend of a certain Gerard Houllier who had started his brilliant coaching career in the mining club.

At this time, the store Leroy Merlin employed Joseph Allart and helped the club as obviously the SNCF. Before being eliminated at 7th round through Sedan (D2) (at that time, there was no 8th lap), Longueau had multiplied the exploits against RC Amiénois, Villers Bretonneux, Etoile, Roye and especially Escarbotin who played in D4 of the French championship. This match was played at the stadium Emile-Noël (the founder of the club), in Longueau on November 24, 1985 because the leaders made great efforts to ensure that the facilities were worthy of a meeting of this level.  » Against Sedan, I won’t need to motivate my players Commented simply Joseph Allart who, like his master Gérard Houllier, liked to meet regularly with his players.
Longueau did not confess defeated only by a score of 2-0 and made a good impression in front of the Ardennes professionals. At that time, besides football, women’s volleyball and men’s basketball also shone in Longueau, a small town of five thousand inhabitants. However, still in the newspaper L’Equipe, we wrote “ Longueau, do you know?  »

This team of Longueau included excellent elements such Laurent Labarthe (ex Abbeville), Joel bellier and Xantippe (ex Amiens SC). On the match sheet, we noted the names of: Huré-Bellier, Augez, Xantippe, Brisville, Labarthe, Leconte, Dorlencourt, Minot, Boulois, Ljoub. Coach Joseph Allart.

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