Football / Coupe de France – 8th round. FC Soleil Bischheim, next opponent of AS Nancy Lorraine, X-rayed

Where exactly is Bischheim located?

Not to be confused, first of all, Biesheim and Bischheim. These are two towns located in Alsace but the first is in Haut-Rhin and the second in Bas-Rhin. Bischheim, where ASNL has an appointment this Saturday in the 8th round of the Coupe de France, is near Strasbourg, north of the Alsatian capital. « We are a few kilometers from Strasbourg, right next to Schiltigheim » specifies the president of the club Marc Hubscher.

The origin of the name FC Soleil Bischheim

“Soleil” as the name of the restaurant in the city which, in the 1970s, was behind the creation of the club to play the corporate championship. “Then” explains Marc Hubscher, “The …

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