Football Champions League – Atlético and its “jester” behavior, things are heating up in England!

The end of the Champions League match between Atlético Madrid and Manchester City was explosive. In England, we are furious with the behavior of Diego Simeone’s players.

General fight on the edge of the field following a somewhat rude roll from Phil Foden, player taken by the throat or pulled by the hair, insults, fights and police intervention in the corridor leading back to the locker room, the clash Madrid-City s ended in some confusion, the Colchoneros cracking nervously against the English wall erected throughout the second half of the Champions League quarter-final second leg. And this Thursday, the English press is firing red balls at the Spanish club, accused of having taken badly the fact of being eliminated by a team of Pep Guardiola not far from resembling Atlético in the first leg. The scenes seen on the sidelines of this meeting angered the consultants of the sports channels of the United Kingdom, which rarely do in the language of wood.

The English hit Atlético Madrid

Owen Hargreaves, former English international, who played with the two Manchester clubs, did not go there by four paths.  » The City players kept their cool and their class. The ending was a shame for Atlético, Madrid played good football, but the ending antics were shameful “Launched the BT Sport consultant. Rio Ferdinand also hit hard on the players of Diego Simeone accused of all evils. “ESpeaking of football, Atlético Madrid are to be commended for pushing Manchester City to their limits, but there are some of the things that happened at the end of the game that you don’t want to see in a football game. soccer. It was unpleasant behavior on the part of the Atlético players. They should be ashamed of their attitude (…) You have Savic acting like a jerk, and City did very well not to react “explained the former English central defender of Manchester United.

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