Football: ASM wins in the very last moments against ASIA

First behind in the score, the Miquelon team quickly caught up, before scoring the winning goal in added time on Saturday. A good boost of confidence before the final of the Archipelago Cup.

We had to wait for extra time to know the outcome of the match. On Saturday September 17, ASIA hosted ASM as part of the CCAS-EDF Cup in the local championship. The Miquelonnais won 2-1 against the Yellows in the last moments of the meeting.

Game, and clumsiness for the first period. On both sides of the field, the players had to rely on the good will of the wind, a capricious guest of the match. ASIA in particular created several chances on set pieces, and came close to opening the scoring, on a corner which found the crossbar of the Miquelon cages.

0-0 at halftime, ASIA, who played at home, used their frustration to really start the hostilities and opened the scoring quickly after the break. But the ASM reacts, by the foot of Nicolas Lemaine, who marks with a white stone his return in the team by equalizing.

1-1, everything has to be redone for the Yellows. The match is prolonged, then comes the additional time. A few seconds before the final whistle, the Miquelon triumph comes from the foot of the top scorer in the championship; Hugo Gaspard honored his title and scored the winning goal.

Final score: 1-2 for ASM, a result that gives confidence to the Oranges before the championship final next Saturday. It will be against the ASSP, at the Léonce Claireaux stadium. An uncertain meeting due to the weather conditions announced this weekend due to the potential passage of Hurricane Fiona.

The summary of the match by Antoine Joubeau:


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