Football: ASIA helpless against ASSP during the 21st day of the championship

With six consecutive victories and three games without conceding a goal, the ASSP consolidates its leading position in the senior championship. Greens who won, once again, against ASIA this Wednesday, August 31.

The Yellows are struggling to find their mark at the moment in the senior championship. They were beaten on Wednesday August 31 on their own lawn. A 21th day of the championship which ended with the score of 3 goals to 0.

Greens who were, from the outset, very offensive because it took only 50 seconds for Endika Alvarez to offer his teammates and ASSP supporters the fastest goal of the season. Then, the young man plays with the opposing defense and the goalkeeper of the Yellows to score his team’s second goal.

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During this meeting, the mist invites itself, making the game more complicated. Opportunities are rare. 15 minutes from the end of regulation time the ASSP concludes with a hat-trick from Endika Alvarez.

A match that will remain a very bad memory for ASIA players. A team that will have to pull itself together because it will play, on September 10, the 3rd round of the Coupe de France. The Yellows will face the club of Luynes Sport, in Aix en Provence. A regional club 2.

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