Football: Asfac climbs to seventh heaven, but not without difficulties

The Frontignanais won 2-1 on Vauvert’s lawn.

By attending the game of the Muscat reserve in R2, a week earlier, players and staff were warned of the quality of Vauverdois and the enthusiasm aroused among their supporters.

A penalty from Jérôme Torregrossa, some would say generous, shortly before the break and a goal from Florian Moureaux will have allowed Asfac to qualify in pain and this, even if the Muscatiers knew, throughout a lively encounter, maintain their composure and technical mastery.

Reassuring forester, decisive Dalouze

It is only the victory that will have to be remembered, as the locals pushed by an omnipresent public were very close to reversing the score in the last moments. Kamel El Mahrouk, craftsman of the Vauverdois route in the Coupe de France by the accuracy of his set pieces, will have made the Frontignan defense tremble.

As for Asfac, the collective benefited from a good Damien Forestier, especially in the second half, the one where the Vauverdois pushed. His experience in a difficult context will have had a significant psychological impact on the youngest. For Greg Tanagro, the objective has been reached: « We wanted to continue, we will do it. Everything was not perfect but the essentials were enough. If a player deserves to be mentioned, it is Yolan Dalouze. Our goalkeeper, author of a tap pushing the ball on his crossbar at the end of the match, was faithful to himself « . Clearly for the coach, he will remain like the one who avoided the « Russian roulette » of penalties.

The draw for the 7th round is scheduled for Wednesday at the FFF premises, the qualifiers will be divided into four geographical pools.

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