Football / arrived at Arta Solar from Djibouti, Salomon Kalou reveals his goal: « I want to win the African champion’s league »

The Ivorian international, Salomon Kalou, was officially presented to his new club the Arta solar 7 of Djibouti this Wednesday, September 07, 2022 during a ceremony in his honor.

Greeted to loud ovations by his teammates and team leaders, the Ivorian striker expressed his great joy at joining Arta Solar 7 after a long career in Europe.

« The African players who have played in Europe, for the most part, want to come back and play to develop the African championship. I have known Tommy for a long time. He is a man of vision, he had approached me for a long time to try to convince me to play with his club. It couldn’t have happened, but I’m very happy to be there. With young players from Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Gouadeloupians, it’s a very good mix. I found myself at home. » , he said.

Continuing, he revealed his ambitions with this team. « We have objectives: to qualify for an African champion’s league. For me, having won a European champion’s league, it is close to my heart to win an African champion’s league. This is the first time I have come to Djibouti, I will learn with young players and share my experience with them, » he revealed.

For his part, the president of arta Solar Djibouti, Tayoro Tommy Nyckoss, expressed his satisfaction at welcoming Salomon Kalou to his team.

« It was no secret, he is here today among us and I say a big thank you to him. This year we recruited a lot of players who come from various backgrounds beyond Africa. I I’m proud of it. It’s a rather special season for us because we’re going to move on to a higher stage, » said the Ivorian businessman.

Salomon Kalou will play his first match with Djibouti’s Arta solar 7 on Sunday, September 11 against Al Merreikh Sporting Club, a Sudanese team.

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