Football: arbitration fees go for a referee officiating in F4 from 55 to 90 euros

The Mahoran league gives in to the request for an increase in the arbitration fees demanded by the arbitrators of Mayotte. The latter had exercised their right of withdrawal over the weekend to protest against the payment of compensation deemed too low.

No official match played last weekend on the football fields of Mayotte. For the league, it was an operation aimed at showing its solidarity with the Mahorais against violence. As a result, all matches have been cancelled.

But for the referees, it was the exercise of their right of withdrawal that led to the postponement of matches.

Still, it will have taken less than a week for the league to accede to the requests of the referees concerning the revaluation of their allowances but only from the 2023 season.

Thus, the refereeing costs go for a referee officiating in F4 from 55 to 90 euros, and for a trainee referee from 25 to 35 euros, increases in accordance with the requirements of the referees. Satisfaction of the latter who would have liked an application of this decision, from this 2022 season instead of next year.

But for the league, it is impossible to make this increase because it is necessary to first warn the clubs which will have to bear this additional cost. The arbitrators therefore made this concession. The competitions will therefore normally resume this weekend.

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