Football – 2023 World Cup qualifiers: the …

The Swiss women’s team continued their clear run in qualifying for the 2023 World Cup. In Zurich, the Swiss won 5-0 ahead of Croatia.

Mission accomplished for the daughters of Nils Nielsen. And as much to say at the outset, any other result would have been a disappointment. Because the Croats were last in the group G standings with a goal average of 0-10 in three matches.

This 5-0 is good for the Swiss in their fight with Italy for first place in the group, because the Transalpines had also beaten the Croats 5-0.

This job, well done, was started by Crnogorcevic (8th) and Maritz (45th) in the first period, before Bachmann (82nd), Rinast (88th) and Bachmann once again (91st, penalty) give the score paces spanking. Note the good entry of Sandrine Mauron for the Genevan Sandy Maendly at the 35th.

Switzerland retains its first place in the group with now a goal average of 17-1. Italy also won 5-0 against Lithuania.

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