Foot – Romain Molina – His ultimatum to FIFA

Romain Molina, in his Space last night, threatened FIFA to attack him if the institution did not take sexual abuse cases in hand.

Credit: DR

Romain Molina threatens FIFA

It is still a space that will make people talk. Romain Molina was in space throughout the evening of this Wednesday evening. The French journalist did not fail to detail his working methods. And recalled that sexual abuse concerned many sports federations in each country. He mentioned the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo and even in Cameroon, where similar things are happening in Haiti and Gabon, cases he released this year. “A high-ranking Gabonese wanted to perform oral sex on young children and kept their sperm in jars to perform sorts of rituals.” reveals the journalist

As a result, Romain Molina threatens to attack FIFA: “FIFA must finance an organization supporting victims in civil and sporting justice. If we, with our network, have succeeded in exfiltrating people, then I am positioning myself for the creation of a real independent center.” The Journalist goes further! He threatened to attack the international federation if nothing is done to denounce sexual abuse.

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Brigitte Henriques takes Josimar to court

After the revelations of Romain Molina in Josimar, on the abuses of the FFF which covered various sexual acts, Brigitte Henriques, former vice-president of the FFF and president of the CNOSF, directly involved in the accusations of the journalist, decided to file a complaint. .

Meanwhile, Romain Molina should release new charges at the end of the week, this time targeting a former member of the French government.

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