Foot PSG – the revelation of Grealish on Neymar and PSG

Flagship rookie of the summer in the United Kingdom, Jack Grealish is a small player compared to the investments made by Paris SG.

However, Manchester City dropped 117 million euros to bring in the playmaker from Aston Villa, who signed a few days before Pep Guardiola learned that Lionel Messi was not going to extend to Barcelona. Result, the Citizens could not do anything, and saw the PSG strengthen with one of the best players in football history, in addition to the stars already present in the workforce. All these beautiful people will find themselves on the same ground in two weeks, with the clash between City and PSG in the Champions League. The result will be decisive as a Parisian poor performance, after that in Bruges, could even fire. But for Jack Grealish, it is above all an incredible match to play against one of his idols. Facing Neymar, the England international did not dare to dream about it a while ago. And the attacking midfielder really pinches to believe it.

The Neymar de Santos made him dream

«  It’s going to be incredible to play against PSG. They really have very talented players, but so do we. Neymar is an incredible player. I was watching videos of him when he was younger, even going back to when he was just a kid in Santos. He has such a wonderful career, he’s almost the top scorer in the history of the Brazilian team. It will be a pleasure to share the field with him. So yeah, I’m really looking forward to this game », Explained a Jack Grealish who plays fair and does not hide his admiration for Neymar and the Parisian stars. Not sure whether this speech is to the liking of Citizens supporters or even some of his teammates, but after his big performance against Leipzig, the former Aston Villa is eager to bite the bullet in this Champions League. And no doubt that, despite his admiration, he will be one of the dangers to watch for the Parisian defense at the Parc des Princes.

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