Foot PSG – Mbappé extends to PSG, the three conditions!

PSG is doing everything to extend Kylian Mbappé. A three-step attack to crack the Parisian number 7.

The newspaper L’Equipe is making its front page this Friday. A little over 48 hours after his huge goal against Real Madrid which allows PSG to take a lead over their opponents in the Champions League, Kylian Mbappé is more than ever the subject of all attention. Real Madrid, convinced that the inevitable arrival of the French striker is not in question, is waiting calmly and does not intend to annoy PSG even more by contacting the entourage of the former Monegasque in the coming weeks. This dead calm, combined with the weak sporting performance of Real Madrid at the Parc des Princes, allows PSG to go further, and to try their luck with an incredible offer. For this, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is formulating an offer that revolves around three hot spots, in order to make Kylian Mbappé think about his future, and simply sow doubt in his mind.

Biggest salary, star of stars

The first condition is of the order of prestige, and of its rank in the galaxy of PSG stars. Kylian Mbappé wanted a competitive team to win it all with Paris Saint-Germain, and he got it with the signings of Wijnaldum, Messi and Sergio Ramos. But the striker also saw his superstar status go down a notch with the arrival of the Argentinian, even the Spaniard. And the increase in the average age worried him. As a result, it was with great pleasure that he welcomed Gigio Donnarumma, Nuno Mendes and Achraf Hakimi, with whom he gets along very well. With a colossal salary and a rank of number 1 in the workforce, Kylian Mbappé would have the foundations for a Parisian future.

An agreement to leave quickly

But even in the event of an extension, Mbappé does not see himself playing his entire career at PSG. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is ready to double his salary, to offer him 1.2 million euros per week, and also give him a signing bonus of 25 million euros. In exchange, the Mbappé clan is demanding a contract of one or two years, to guarantee him the possibility of leaving without the Emir of Qatar vetoing it. A process that would allow the Emirate to have the young Frenchman in the Paris squad during the 2022 World Cup. A question of prestige, with an agreement then to let him leave in 2023 or 2024.

The South American clan dismantled?

Finally, Mbappé also has his requirements with regard to the life of the club, and in particular the locker room. Annoyed by the South American turn taken by PSG, he does not really appreciate the tolerance that has been put in place on delays in training or a few behavioral deviations that have been ignored. The Parisian number 7 wants more discipline, and sanctions for disciplinary deviations. He considers PSG too nice with its stars, and does not hesitate to let it be known in high places. There is also a pass of arms to be settled in a courteous manner if possible, with regard to penalty and free kick takers, where Kylian Mbappé wants to have his share. Concessions and negotiations, PSG is starting from afar but will do everything to keep Kylian Mbappé for a while longer, who dreams of being the top scorer in the history of the club, and the one who will take PSG to its first victory in the League. Champions.

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