Foot PSG – From Heroes to Zero, Italy opens the Donnarumma file

Considered the best goalkeeper in Europe after his successful Euro, Gianluigi Donnarumma does not know the debut he dreamed of with PSG. And everything collapses with Italy.

At PSG, competition with Keylor Navas often relegates him to the sidelines. And if he took it with a smile at first, that’s no longer the case. Recently, he admitted that this situation weighs on him. And it shows… with the Italian selection. Its performances are debated while it is still considered indisputable, but less irreproachable. In the two decisive matches against Switzerland and against Northern Ireland, he did not indeed reassure the tifosis. In the chopper match against the Helvetians, he missed a kick-start in his six meters, being countered without the Swiss striker then managing to take advantage of the windfall. A defeat would have done business for the Nazionale. And this Monday night, against Northern Ireland, in a match that the Italians could not conclude, his failed exit far from his goals almost cost money, and it took a rescue on his Bonucci line to avoid to concede this somewhat ridiculous goal, as the goalkeeper went out far without being able to take the ball. Before the dams, criticism is raining, mainly in Italy, on a Donnarumma which is no longer progressing.

AC Milan do not regret Donnarumma

 » The involution of Donnarumma will have to talk about it also one day ”, thus launches the specialized account on the Serie A on Twitter. As usual, the Italian press is ruthless in stoning those who were still its heroes a few days ago. «  We must open the Donnarumma file. Elected best player of the Euro, it is for the moment 4 consecutive errors with Italy. In every game. And more and more inexplicable. For him as for the others, there are no more excuses », Balances Giuseppe Pastore, journalist at Il Foglio.  » Maignan is worth 5 times Donnarumma, whoever says the opposite is sick. Or don’t understand anything about footbal“, for their part launch AC Milan supporters, who did not wait for his repeated mistakes with Italy to spit on him after his departure for PSG.

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