Foot OL – In Italy, Umtiti wants to make OL lie – Olympique Lyonnais

Aligned for the first time of the season last Sunday, Samuel Umtiti can consider a return to the fore with Lecce. The central defender on loan from FC Barcelona hopes to finally chain the matches to attract suitors, starting with Olympique Lyonnais.

Samuel Umtiti’s season has finally started. On loan from FC Barcelona, ​​the central defender from Lecce played the entire match against Roma (2-1 defeat) last Sunday. Perhaps the start of a long series for the Frenchman. In any case, that is what the main interested party and his Catalan leaders hope for. This summer, Barça wanted to break his contract which expires in 2026. But Samuel Umtiti ruled out this hypothesis given that no club had sent him an offer.

The Blaugrana then agreed to loan him to Lecce by taking charge of his salary, and on the condition of recovering compensation according to his playing time. The stakes are not really financial for Barça, who especially hope to see Samuel Umtiti regain a sufficient level to receive proposals next summer, when the vice-champion of Spain will still try to break his contract. Suffice to say that Barça will follow its season carefully. Its transfer window news will also be observed while waiting for the summer transfer window.

Umtiti has not forgotten OL

According to the daily Sport, the Catalan club hopes for offers from Ligue 1, where the rating of its undesirable remains interesting. Remember that Stade Rennais has considered relaunching it this summer. Coach Bruno Genesio absolutely wanted to get him back but the technician came up against the doubts of his superiors. These same fears about his physique which have cooled Olympique Lyonnais, whom Samuel Umtiti still dreams of finding. It remains to be seen whether the world champion will be able to reassure his training club in the months to come.

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