Foot Mondial – The 2030 World Cup on three continents?

A rather crazy project brings together Egypt, Greece and Saudi Arabia to obtain the organization of the 2030 World Cup.

With the global crisis on several levels, FIFA is not overwhelmed with applications to organize the 2030 World Cup. In less than two years, the world football body must choose who will organize the world football event in 2030. Several countries have come together and are considering applying. First there is the duo of Spain and Portugal, then the South American gathering of Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay. But in the authorities of Egypt, we indulged in a confidence that reveals a possible future candidate. It would therefore be a candidacy bringing together Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Greece.

A country alone can no longer host the World Cup

There are still several thousand kilometers of distance between the capitals of the various countries concerned, but the World Cup in Russia made it possible to underline that travel remained playable for the delegations, less for the supporters. It would obviously be the first time that three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa) would come together in a joint application, with necessarily ongoing discussions for the organization, reception and financing of such a project. It must be said that in 2030, the World Cup will celebrate its 100th anniversary. In 1930, Uruguay welcomed 13 participants, including Europeans who came by boat. In 2030, FIFA has pushed for 48 qualified teams, which almost certainly prevents the organization by a single country.

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