Foot – MLS – Don Graber (MLS): « We don’t need great retired players »

Neymar recently revealed that he would like to end his career in MLS. The director of the American league, Don Graber, would not mind if the player does not imagine his passage across the Atlantic as a retirement.

Don Graber, MLS Manager: “We don’t need to bring in a great player at the end of his career because he has decided to retire in MLS. I think there are enough late-career players who have been great MLS players. David Beckham is perhaps one of the best examples. I can’t imagine what Major League Soccer would be without players like that.

Neymar « very much wants to play in the United States » after PSG

If they are not here to play, to be great contributors to their club and our league and to respect the league and its fans, we don’t want them in Major League Soccer. When Zlatan (Ibrahimović) left MLS, no one said he left to retire in Italy. If Zlatan had come to us at the same age he returned to Milan, it would have been a retirement for him. He worked like crazy in MLS and he works like crazy in Serie A. So I’m not sure why we are considered differently, but that’s how it is.

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